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Porcelain Laminate Veneers

Perfect Esthetics Through Thin Porcelain Shells

When we talk about esthetic dentistry laminaate veneers are one of the hottest topics that we have in our list .This is kind of treatment whwere you have a maximum preservation of tooth structure. Porcelain Laminate Veneers are thin shells that are fabricatedby laboratories. After a reduction o about 0.5-0.7mm on the tooth surface impressions are made and sent to laboratories including datas like tooth shade form and other esthetically important information. The fabricated shells are then glued into their places with special bonding tehniques. Due to their unsurpassed thin nature and light transmission capabilities they looknatural and can not be identified most of the time even under different light sources from natural dentition.

How are Porcelain Laminate Veneerrs Done?

The treatment starts after impressions are taken and a diagnostic mock up is fabricated by the technician. At this phase of the treatment your tooth structure is untouched. This 3 dimentional model gives the patient an outline of what the end result of the veneer case is going to be. After reaching a consensus with the patient,a minor procedure in form of a slight reduction on the tooth is performed wich is painless and then the temporary laminates that are prefabricated according to the diagnostic mock-up are inserted in place so that the patient has the prewiev of the porcelain shells that are going to be fabricated on the consensus both the doctor and the patient have reached before. In case the patient and/or the doctor want to change some details according to special needs of the patient or to the priniples of esthetic guidelines they are done. Then the master impressions are taken and with the needed data sent to the laboratory. The laboratory fabricates the laminates with high precisson andthey arrive at the clinic for cementation.With very delicte highly detailed process the porcelain shells that are very fragile before cementation are put in place and become so har and resistant that only with burs you can remove them from their places. That is why the cementation/gueing) have to be performed very delicately.

Which Cases We Treat With Laminates?

  1. Gummy smiles(When to much gum tissue is reflected)
  2. Tooth Shape Irregularities
  3. Close Diastemas (Restore the gaps between teeth)
  4. Orthodontic Misalignments (The patient refuses orthodontic treatment)
  5. Very Dark Discolorations (bleaching doesn’t help)
  6. Very Large Old Fillings
  7. Big Surface Abrasions or Abrafactions
  8. BrokenTeeth
  9. To Restore the Smile Design.

What are the Advantages of Porcelain Laminate Veneers?

  • Very conservative.Only 0.5-0.7 mm of tooth structre is removed.
  • Very good translucency (transmits light very good).
  • Finished in 2-3 appointments.
  • We can show what is going to be with 3D models.
  • Does not change colour.
  • Less tartar (calculus accumulation).
  • Wear resistant.
  • Fragile before cementation but very resistant afterwards.
  • A very good integrated and harmonic smile.

What are the Disadvantages of Porcelain Laminate Veneers??

  • Very precise and delicate tecnique.
  • Relatively expensive method.
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