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Estetic Ratios (Golden Proportions)

Golden proportion-harmony of the beauty


Beauty is a concept which has existed since the early ages of human being.Mostly it is evaluated through phisical appearance and effects humal life to a great extent.Human beings sacrifced a lot for it,worked hard to maintain it.While the absence caused extreme unhappiness the existence was appreciated by large majorities.Although it may differ from one society to another there is a consensus reached which is almost free of daily trends and that is the unmeasurability of beauty, whereas the hormany can be formulated.

You are mostly distracted by the asimetric and not harmonized apperance.So always one front tooth that is longer than the adjacent one or teeth that are not properly aligned,gum lines that are not symetric etc. draws your attention.Rational coherrence reminds harmony and harmony reminds beauty.

Since centuries big artists have created their masterpieces in accrodance with what we call golden proportion.A very famous example in art history found in the diaries of the famous reneisannce painter sculptor and scientist Leonardo da Vinci is the Vitrivius Man which shows the proportions in humans body and is regarded as a turning point in trying to associate human and nature.In (La Gioconda) Mona Lisa shows us da Vinci another example .In this famaus painting the proportion of the length to the hight gives us the magic number 1.618 which represents the golden proportion.

There are many examples we can give to golden prtoportion in human body.Some of them are:

  • Fingertip-elbow/Wrist-elbow,
  • From shoulder to headtip/Head size,
  • From umblicum to headtip/from shoulder to headtip,
  • From umblicum to knee/From knee to toe.

Examples for golden proportion at face:

  • The proportion of the sum of the widths to the sum of the lenghts of the cental incisors
  • Height of the face/Widht of the face,
  • Size of the mouth/Nose width,
  • Nose width / Distance between nostrills,
  • Distance between the pupils/Distance between eyebrows,
  • Face height/Chin tip-eyebrows meeting point,
  • Lips-eyebrows meeting point/Nose height.
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