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Cercon Crown and Bridges

Beauty and strenght together

Zirconium oxide has been widely used in medicine as hip or joint implant materials.And ever since the production cost of this oxite dropped dramatically it also found field of use in dentistry as a crown and bridge material which with its strength is to substitute the metal framework. As an esthetic and reliably strong material zirconium oxides are offering a good alternative to replace the posterior pfm bridges(porcelain fused to metal. This material is not only heat and shock resistant but at the same time it doesn’t transmit heat end electricity so the sensitivity that you find due to electrolysis at metallic crown and bridges with other metallic elements such as amalagam fillings or clasps of partial dentures you don’t have with zirconium oxides. It is a light material and has a good transmission of light. With these crown and bridges

  • you do not have cold and hot sensitivity
  • you have a material which is not opaque
  • you have a non allergic material
  • you have a very compatible material with gingiva
  • you have a material with less plaque accumulation index meaning that you are going to have a better oral hygiene, that makes it the material of choice not only in the posterior (back molars) but also in the anterior region(front teeth area) ass well.

Where is the system applicable?

  • Single crowns
  • Bridges that are 3-6 units or up to 38mm long
  • Implant supported crown and bridge work
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