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Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)

What is a Root Canal treatment?

At situations like decay or trauma the living structure inside the tooth chamber which we call pulp gets damaged irreversibly where root canal treatment has to be applied. The natural tooth structure has within the roots narrow corridors which we call root canals where we find the nerves. Root canal treatment  is an application where infected pulp tissue is removed, the canals are disinfected and filled with tissue friendly root canal filling materials.


Why do we do Root Canal treatment?

First of all it has to be understood that no artificial  tooth material can replace natural tooth. That’s why we have to protect our dentition by having them treated until the last moment. One of the most frequently used treatment modality to treat teeth is root canal treatment. With root canal treatment we manage to save the severely damaged tooth. The pulp  ( the soft tisssue organism which constitutes of nerve bundles, lymph and blood vessels ) dies when it is hurt to that extent that repair mechanism  doesn’t work. Bacterial infiltration cause inflamation. If infected or damaged  tissue is not removed the tooth and surrounding tissues can be inflamated or infected which may lead to the lost of the tooth.

What is the sequence of the root canal treatment?

  1. First the tooth is anesthetised for a non painfull treatment.
  2. Later the decay and after reaching the pulp the damaged tissue is removed. The nerve and tissue remnants are eleminated.
  3. Till the tooth tip is reached the canals are shaped. And some medicaments can be applied to promote healing.
  4. Between sessions the tooth is filled with temporary filling materials.When the inflamation stops spreading and and the tooth tip is free of any inflamation then with special filling materials the canal is filled all the way down to the tooth tip which we call apex.
  5. In some cases the root canal treatment may also be accomplished in one appointment.
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