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Rıfat Sidi

Born in 1966 in İstanbul I went to the Austrian High School.Later on I finished my dental education in the University of İstanbul in1990 and pursued my studies in New York University School of Dentistry. 1992 -1994 I worked as a dentist in the Atila Denizalp İmplant İnstitute mainly in the field of implantology.1994-2001 I was running my own clinic in İstanbul focusing in restorative and implant dentistry.In 2001 I moved to Bodrum where I run the dental department of a multidisiplinary clinic between 2001 to 2005. In 2005 I founded our clinic with Dr. Öner Pehlivan.

Payment Plan

The treatment plan which we set up for you according to your needs is going to be presented to you with the according payment options included.Just in case of a possible unexpected treatment that may arouse the additional cost of that treatment will be also included in the bill.

Payment options:Treatments that are accomplished at the same day are paid cash.treatments that may take 2-3 appointments ½ cash the rest at the end of the treatment.For axtencive and multidisiplinary big cases wecoolaborate with you on payment options.

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