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Gum problems at pregnancy

In the early stages of the pregnancy the gingiva may become reddish and swollen.This type of gingiva is very sensitive and prone to bleeding 

These changes  are due to higher progesteron and oestrogen secretion levels in blood

Pregnancy gingivitis often starts at the second month and makes its pick at the eight month and disappeares after the labor from itself

Those  who do not exercise daily routine oral hygiene will suffer more from pregnancy gingivitis due to added bacterrial plaque and later tartar that puts more pressure on the already inflamated gingival complex.

If there is tartar on the teeth it has to be rermoved by your doctor.

As with the other dental procedures the dental cleaning preferably has to be done if not emergency in the second trimester.

In the first trimester all tissue formation all around the body takes place ,a bacterial infection which may derive from an intervention has to be avoided unless it is emergency.

In the last trimester the risk for an early labor rises with the stress factor at dental operatories;the pregnant patient is no more able to sit on the chair easily.

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