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Composite LaminateVeneers

Quickly economical solutions


If you deal with problems concerning form shade and malpositions of teeth veneers are the right choice for treatment.You can eather select different porcelain types or go with a more economical and quick alternative namely the composite veneers.

Composite Laminate Veneers

Composite laminates can be easily applied to the anterior teeth surfaceby a dentist who uses a composite material, which is cured by light.Such applications can be finalized with in 12 hours and is recognizedto increase esthetic oral appearance. Commonly there is no need toabrade the tooth. However composite laminates may not be durable as much as porcelain veneers and they may have a shorter life span, they may remain the mouth for a period of 35 years and are cheaper than other alternatives.When composite laminates are applied by an experienced dentist whouses a qualified composite material, they may not be differenced fromreal tooth. The ratio of esthetic success is high in composite laminate applications.



  • It is totally painless.
  • In general anesthesia is not required.
  • Patients may have a esthetic smile within 12 hours after a single visit to the dentist’s office or dental clinic.
  • No sensitivity or pulp irritation shall occur after therapy.
  • Tooth can become whiter than ever.
  • It may provide utmost success in the improvement of crooked tooth and exceptional achievement can be achieved in the amendment ofthe shapes of tooth and closing the gaps in spaced tooth.
  • Are easy to remove from the mouth without harming the real tooth.
  • Posses a recycled procedure.
  • More inexpensive when compared with porcelainlaminated toothand crowns.

With this method without sacrificing to much tooth structure you build up your esthetic composite veneers following a layering technique mimicing nature.Al is done in 1 have to bear in mind that the translucensy values are not comparable to porcelain and gets discoloured within the time with the consumption of tea, coffee, coke, wine and of course of cigarettes. They are mostly not prefered with multiple restorations.

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